I’m Jon and I’m an Award Winning wedding photographer.

‘-Valuing Clients as much as they value their Imagery’

Creative / Storytelling / Documentary Wedding Photography


Based close to Leicester in the East Midlands, I go to super cool weddings for a living day in day out. 

The images I capture  have no boundaries and simply play on the emotive aspect of your wedding day. I love to photograph weddings in the nature that they happen. If the bride has a moment of pure reflection then this is great to capture.

So what makes a GREAT photographer; the images they produce most definitely, but whats behind these? In my honest opinion it comes down to loving your clients and providing them all with the service and appreciation that they deserve, closely followed by an informative, detailed and visionary mind. To be able to produce stunning images all day long, you need to find your passion, and photography for me is exactly that, so whether its the first shot of the day or the last, I promise to put as much commitment into each and every image. This allows me to make images of the whole family in attendance for you to enjoy and share with each other, and most importantly for future generations to come. 

Finally my main aim for your wedding imagery is to produce you with a set of stunning, emotive images, which evoke personal memories for you of the magical wedding day. I want to produce little sparks of beauty for you; which allows you to travel back in time and remember all the special moments and memories that were made that day. 

Cause all of me loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections.
— John Legend (All of Me)