Getting to know me...

Born in Leicester in the East Midlands, I was raised and educated in Melton Mowbray, the land of stilton cheese and pork pies. After adoring school as a child, making captain at the 1st football team and being a very energetic and enthusiastic member of the cross country team I soon began to excel in the classroom as well as going further out of it. 

By the age of 15 my love affair with photography had begun. I came about the craft very much by accident when all of my school friends had chosen to take photography at G.C.S.E level which I continued to a level at secondary school. These were the days of shooting film and developing it in the dark room, so there was little margin for error.  We started by shooting black and white and then progressed to colour development whist at college. 

Whilst at college the photography world was developing and introducing the digital era, which was perfect during my period of education, learning the techniques and methods for the future. This was an invaluable experience in the lead up to going to university and being able to further my training and develop my style into what you see today. I still love to learn and often attend wedding photography seminars and conferences all over the UK.

When Im not working I love to spend time with my family, mostly my daughter (Fearne) at the park or in the garden but mostly where ever there is ice cream for her and a nice Gin and Tonic (its got to be Hendricks Gin) for me along with a delicious hot sausage roll. I always make sure of this every Monday when my wife is at work we have the best daddy-daughter days and lots of playing and fun. Evening times consist of bath time for Fearne ad then relaxing with a beer (depending on whats in the fridge) whilst watching boring television or a good police drama. 

I have a secondary passion for cooking and can often be found as the main chef in my household, cooking a variety of dishes, healthy and also the occasional greasy steak however my favourite dish is Jamie Olivers cauliflower and broccoli bake. Pure bliss.