Hey Im Jon, a Leicestershire based East Midlands photographer, currently working under the nickname of MR FUJI! I am the man behind the lens and the creator of many beautiful pictures. 

Why MR FUJI may you ask, it all began after a very beautiful wedding in Derbyshire with fellow photographer. Not long after ditching all the heavy Nikon and Canon equipment due to having arms like Mr Tickle I jumped on the new and innovative Fujifilm System. Lots lighter and just as good. From here the name rolled off the tongue and onto my camera brand. So now I carry it with me everywhere I go!!

I have been interested in and practising photography now since the dark days of film. I  have been able to develop my style along side  the development of the digital era and the progression of the  digital SLR camera. I have studied my Degree in Photography over eight years ago  and since then working hard to define my own style. Nowadays I choose to concentrate on my wedding  photography career and have  photographed over 40 weddings in 2016 and plan to take  many more for 2017!

Being unconventional myself, me and my wife got married at Gretna Green recently which was completely different to any other wedding I have ever been to or photographed. This made me think about different styles of weddings and have compiled a bucket list for all the types of wedding I would absolutely LOVE to cover and am offering a huge £100.00 discount if one of these is your day- please mention upon enquiring!

  • Wedding car: DeLorean
  • Underwater wedding
  • An abandoned/derelict building
  • A wedding held in a retro cinema, Melton Cinema is perfect for this with its 1940′s setting
  • In a Zoo
  • An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding
  • Roald Dahl themed wedding
  • Wedding at an aquarium – Sea life centres are great for this
  • A wedding in a bar/public house
  • A Ceremony in some form of water (sea/stream etc.).
  • A wedding I can wear my new wellies to
  • Another country that isn’t the UK
  • Festival theme
  • Fancy dress wedding