Situated in the beautiful village of Countesthorpe, Leicester.  I arrived to the house of Sophie & Tom for bridal preparations just in time as the kettle had boiled and the teas were being poured. As I took the third sip from my cup Michelle (the bride) was just finishing her third glass of Prosecco. I knew she had a few nerves! In the hot seat, having her make-up applied she was just bursting with a nervous excitement. As soon as the make up was on, and she was able to be up and walk around she soon calmed. Michelle and her bridesmaids were accompanied by Bertie her trusty Cockapoo and Violet their beautiful daughter at preparations 

At the quaint, quirky and chilly barn of Whetstone Pastures Farm at precisely 2:00 the wedding ceremony took place. With the very talented Julia Connolly having created ‘programmes’ for all of the guests rather than the traditional order of the day we were able to read in full newspaper style what was about to unfold for the day. Michelle arrived in style in Toms dads Jaguar with her 5 bridesmaids arriving slightly ahead with Tom safely tucked at the top of the aisle waiting to see his girls, Violet and Michelle for the very first time on their wedding day. During the ceremony there was a very lovely ‘Passing of the Rings’ by all guests where they each held the rings for a moment to warm them and pass their love into them which was lovely touch to the ceremony. As the couple had previously married each other the week before they decided the wanted to affirm their love with a Handfasting as part of their celebrations. This is where the bride and groom held hands whist a rope tie was tied around their grip and when they pulled their hands apart they were holding each end of the rope and it created a knot in the middle of the rope – traditionally known as tying the knot!

To conclude the ceremony Michelle and Tom had opted for a song over a hymn as the whole day was about doing the wedding in their way and how they wanted, and they chose for everybody to join in with a rendition of ’Stand by Me’ by the Ben E. King which was sung by everybody and made everybody feel immediately warmer and closer. Following this there were Prosecco and Larger’s available as celebratory drinks from the bar.

The afternoon tea themed wedding reception was an absolute success. With the red-hot twenty something degree sunshine beating down on the courtyard of the venue, the guests all gathered for tea, coffee, sandwiches, cakes and scones provided by Audreys Bespoke Caterers with strawberry jam made from the strawberries from the actual farm itself! With the sandwiches smashed and the coffee all supped, it was then time for the speeches and the Prosecco. With the best man telling all the stories he has about him and the groom growing up and travelling how they were know as ‘Ant and Dec’ due to the height difference and the size of Tom’s forehead! Michelle & Tom had planned to cut the cake immediately after the wedding breakfast so that there were no more formalities for the day!


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