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Destination Weddings

Why book someone from a different country to photograph your big day?


It is always a wedding photographers dream to be a asked to travel with his/her bride and groom to be a part of their wedding in a different country. The light, the views, the opportunities and the difference the venue makes to the images really can make a creative photographer drool over the opportunity. 


I have always wanted to photograph a wedding in Greece or Italy, partly because they are stunning parts of the world and the fact that they are the two places in my opinion which are the most romantic places on earth. 

My Clients book me for a number of different reasons, a) they just fall in love with my work b) they fall in love with my personality and professionalism c) they fall in love with me and my work as a complete package. As the single and only person working within my company I am able to dedicate 100% of 'me' to you and your wedding which allows us to build up the relationship needed to fully understand your expectations of your wedding imagery. 

So to be booked to photograph beautiful weddings in beautiful venues should not be restricted to a single country, although I am from England and it is very easy for me to travel to Scotland and Wales, which I do very regularly for work, why shouldn't I offer my skill out further a field to clients in neighbouring countries.