Have you just got engaged? Congratulations!🎉🎉

Just a little reminder that for the whole of April here at JFP we are looking for couples to give a FREE pre-wedding shoot! 

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be tricky – what style, which package and I’d hate for you to realise this when it’s too late. 

Don’t let your expectations go un-met for your wedding photography after the wedding day, that’s why we’re offering this limited time freebie! So that you can get experience of being yourself in front of the camera and I can get creative to show you how awesome you look on film! 

You will receive one print from the session with no pressure or obligation to book with us (although I hope you love your pictures that much you will)⚡️

Simply use this form to fill in a few simple questions and I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange your session. to view more of or work please click here

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