So, you’ve decided to get married in Leicester, you’ve chosen a date, picked your venue, written your guest list, chosen the dress and even decided on the flowers.  But have you chosen your photographer yet?

Your wedding is likely to be the most important day of your life – you’ve spent months, if not years planning your special day, so it’s likely that you want to remember it for the rest of your life!

Selecting the right wedding photographer for your Leicester wedding is an important task!  So how do you go about choosing?


Each photographer has their own style and everyone has their own preferences.

Do some homework and decide on the types of photos you would love, leaving the photographer to capture your Leicester Wedding in the style you adore!



Wedding photography is an art, you may have a friend who’s been taking photos for years offering to photograph your Leicester Wedding, but there’s more to wedding photography than just taking a photo.  An experienced photographer will know the flow of the day and will know where to be, and at what time, to capture each stunning moment.



Don’t be embarrassed about asking photographers for references and testimonials – it’s likely that your photographer has photographed hundreds of weddings throughout their career and will be happy to provide testimonials from previous couples.  Wedding photographers are proud of their work and will be happy to share and show off their work to potential clients.


It’s worth checking if the photographer has ever photographed a wedding at your chosen venue.  It’s likely that the photographer has photographed weddings at your venue in Leicester and will know the beautiful places and locations for some amazing photos.

Some venues may suggest and recommend specific photographers, but don’t feel as though you must use them, do your research and make sure the recommended photographer suits your required style.



Check that your photographer has an emergency plan, what happens of they’re unwell.  Most Leicester photographers will have a network of colleagues that they trust and will have worked with in the past.  A good photographer will always have an emergency plan, should this go wrong.  Whether it be physical equipment or staff, make sure your photographer has a Plan B, just in case.  If they don’t, walk away and carry on looking for another photographer.



Make sure you meet all potential photographers.  Make sure you ask lots of questions.  A photographer should have many different example weddings to show you, the more, the better!  How does the photographer make you feel?  Do you feel comfortable being around them and are they confident in answering all your questions and concerns?  You should feel relaxed whilst chatting with the photographer, remember they’ll be with you throughout your entire wedding day – if you feel uncomfortable around them it’s likely that they’re not the photographer for you.

Remember that wedding photography isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, choosing your photographer carefully will ensure a relaxed and happy day with amazing memories to cherish for the rest of your lives!



A few things to remember:

  • Don’t book without seeing samples of other weddings
  • Try to avoid cheap and cheerful – remember, you get what you pay for
  • Always meet your photographer
  • Check reviews
  • Have fun!

‘Because my love for you will break my heart in two’

– David Bowie