Being located in the heart of the midlands we have a vast amount of land which offers itself up for many ‘different’ and ‘quirky’ weddings.

Some of these include many tipi’s/marquees weddings , woodland weddings, barn weddings and even farm weddings. We also have the class and elegance of local castles and manor houses surrounded by beautiful countryside. Being located so centrally I often get to photograph amazing city/industrial weddings which are often packed with lots ideas for creativity.

Everyone is different


Wedding photography creative barn 6-2


My company ethos is how we work – ‘for couples who want to remember what happened but don’t want to know I’m there’ –

 You get to enjoy the day. I simply capture moments, memories and details. Your day is for you and your guests and for me to make beautiful pictures.

Working in an industry packed with lots of beautiful venues and many happy people allows me to travel all over the UK and even overseas.

I love nothing more to photograph at a new venue, be creative and amaze everyone involved with my visions of your special day.

boho wedding photography


“Because my love for you will break my heart in two”