Agniette and her partner Antonas held their Lithuanian stye wedding in Londons booming wedding venue of Islington Town Hall. The County Court Chambers saw a select number of guests, close family and friends witness the intimate wedding followed by champagne in the street whist the wedding hype was very much in the air.

Having booked a super chilled out wedding ceremony it only seemed right that the chosen car for them to be escorted to their reception venue had to be a bright red 1950’s American Chevrolet with a personal chauffeur which I was invited to travel with them in.

This led us to a small reception in the garden terrace at the Roseate Hotel,  London. This beautiful hotel was to be the hotel that the bride and groom were to stay in for their wedding night! Here we were greeted by all of the family with lots of happy faces bursting with excitement and congratulations for the happy couple. The terrace was beautifully decorated to cater for the outdoor reception, the sun shone and the drinks were never ending with over 2 litres of Jack Daniels consumed!!

Doesn’t mean you can’t be the loudest