Sophie and Tom had their Leicester Tipi Wedding Festival when they were married at the village church of Gaulby, Leicestershire. It was an awesome family fuelled beer festival of joy and happiness hosted in the garden of Sophies parents. When they first got in touch I just knew that this wedding was right up my street with their ideas and plans for the day!

When I arrived at the house where Sophie was getting ready I could tell that the wedding day was going to be sensational! Walking into a house which had an excited yet nervous vibe – room after room with exquisite taste and decoration led me to believe that everything about Sophie and Tom’s plans we’re going to be super luxurious and highly organised. With the chief bridesmaid overseeing every detail of the day I immediately knew who to turn to if I was to find myself with a question – She was fine tuning every glass, charger plate, knife and fork to an inch of its life as she only wanted the best for her bride.

When I finally found myself staring in amazement at the beautiful Daughters of Simone wedding dress alongside the amazing bridal bouquet from the Flower Plant all laid out for me by the brides mother, the bohemian style of the dress really did get my creative juices flowing. The elegance and the glamour that this dress portrayed just on the hanger really did reflect the surroundings and feeling of the village of which the wedding was being held. 

During bridal preparations I was given all the gossip about the crazy antics of the hen do including their very friendly ‘butler in the buff’ Steve and some of the chores that he was made to do. Girls, Girls , Girls. These hens were party animals and music was their pulse! Crazy mental ladies! Now I was excited for the evening party…

Father Brian Davis held the ceremony, for a 2:00PM service with the groom arriving well ahead of schedule at just after 1:00 became more excited by the minute. Having the Flower Plant arrive way earlier than the church was even open the pews were beautifully decorated and the huge urns of flowers outside the doors were incredible. After all the guests had seated for the arrival of Sophie, the bridesmaids made their arrival first and then Sophie was accompanied by her father to meet a very happy and emotional Tom at the top of the aisle. With mum and nan having the priority seats in the church it was clear to see how proud both families were of their children. The ceremony was very relaxed and laid back with father Brian even picking up his guitar for a rendition of ‘Come by Yah’ with the violinist relaxing the whole congregation. After all the legalities were complete and papers signed Sophie and Tom had arranged for their confetti line from the church door whist the church bells were ringing and then they managed to scoot off back to the house for some private time whist the guests followed. 

Hundereds and hundreds of canopies were served in the East facing part of the garden in front of the main door to the house, with bottles and bottles of Prosecco, Peroni and juice for the kids to get the feeling for the rest of the day. 

The three hat tipi was placed in the exquisite garden of the brides parents house 50 yards from the church, meaning the whole bridal party could walk to the ceremony from the house. Inside the tipi it was kept rather busy, with tressel tables and chairs  for over 100 guests, table greenery, gold charger plates with brass candle stick holders and ivory candles all supplied by the insanely talented Princess Occasions. Roast Beef and vegetables was the meal of the day cooked by Emerson’s and West with the speeches being after the wedding breakfast. During the speeches the father of the bride completely destroyed the bride nearly as much as the best man did the groom. John (the brides father) told us all about Sophie as as child and always being the one getting caught whist the best man revealed to everyone Toms obsession with slang terms for visiting the toilet! Genius! 

The band – The Fanatics had set up during the ceremony to allow for more dance floor time and sorted nice and early in the evening. Not too early however as we need to remember that the Peroni and Prosecco was still flowing freely and the guests were getting oiled up to show their best dance moves. The couple chose Wonderwall by Oasis as their first dance and then the whole of the guests joined them on the dance floor (even nan) to party the night away – beer in hand until the cheese and bacon sarnies came out which was our que to grab a beer and have a dance too!

‘But you’ve got the love
I need to see me through’
Florence and the Machine