This is me! I’m a ginger haired, happy go lucky, relaxed and chilled out wedding photographer.

I am based close to Leicester, which proves great routes for travelling all over the country for weddings along with easy access for every airport to get to destination weddings. I live in the popular town of Melton Mowbray, which is most famously known for our famous pork pies and stilton cheese.

I have 2 children – Fearne and Eadie, my favourite people. The two people I’m doing all this for. They have been a true inspiration to me and completely changed me in so many more ways than I ever imagined – going from an emotionally hard man to a soppy, emotional wreck who just can’t wait to see them grow up and become strong independent women.


Food (Especially Jacket Potatoes) The kids (OBVS) DIY
Coffee – Preferably Costa Apple Workflows Football Working till late overnight
throughout wedding season
The satisfying feeling of bleaching the bin

MY Woes

Running out of gin cleaning my car washing up
saying goodbye at the end of a year – welcoming a new year
gardening Running out of hard drive space

Away from photographing weddings, my other passion lies in cooking. I enjoy good food whist eating out but also love to cook beautiful food.  I love to get involved in the technical side of everything and will not be beaten by anything technological which we cannot figure out.

‘I never dreamed that I’d need somebody like you’ James Vincent McMorrow

My photographic journey began at 6th form college. I studied the craft when we had the good old days of the dark room and black and white film, which I believe I still carry the process of to this very day. The film-esq, grain, vibe and feel to my images is very much carried from these days of learning.Documentery Leicester wedding photographer 6


After realising that my dream was to be a world famous international superstar photographer, I began my final educational chapter of my journey! I decided I wanted to do a degree!! I studied Photography and Digital Imaging in London and further explored the photographic industry, developed as an individual and understood the new and upcoming processes and techniques that were being introduced at the time of the digital revolution. This I believe was the game changer!


Following my first taster of photography I chose to study at a more advanced level at college, my Higher Nation Diploma, where I started to understand about colour development, studio lighting and digital techniques which were being introduced. I started then to become familiar with digital cameras and realised that this was where my passion and heart laid.

Being educated as digital cameras were making a break through and understanding how they were working and becoming more advanced at the time it was happening was invaluable to my understanding. I completed my course comfortably with a 2:1 honours degree in 2008.

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The style in which I work is very discreet and journalistic in approach. I believe that everyone who attends your wedding has different values, ideas and views on what makes a wedding. This I take in to consideration when composing my images.

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I love to create images which you can see immediately would have been taken with a child’s mind in my head – so the image would be low down looking up seeing what’s happening from a very obvious perspective. Alternatively the elderly value more traditional parts of a wedding so I always look out for older people at weddings for what they always want to see and photograph the from their perspective – It may be the inspection of the wedding ring or trying to get to grips with a mobile phone to take their own shot of the groups! Everyone has an idea of how weddings are!





I photograph in a very filmistic manner, embracing the grain in the picture to evoke emotion and realism to the images that I create. No set of images I produce promises to be pin sharp for the whole day as I embrace the natural light and refuse to use any flash unless it is desperately required. I do this to keep the feeling of how things were as real as they were. If the party is dark then it will appear dark in you set of images. Likewise all the coloured lights from the band or DJ will be what illuminates you and your guests on the dancefloor. REAL LIGHT – REAL COLOUR – TRUE EMOTION


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Expect to be left alone on the day to enjoy yourself, have fun and be happy. In the run up to the wedding day we will have a final meet up over a coffee or beer to go through your finalised plan for the day and fine tune any last minute adjustments. Images will take between 4-6 weeks to be delivered to you, with a presentation slideshow delivered within a week via your blog on my webpage for you to share socially to all of your friends and family!

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I like to have as little to do with the running of the wedding day as possible, so that I can be documenting EVERYTHING (however I will help if desperately required) and capture all those little things that make a wedding day memorable!

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I only choose to deliver images which tell a visual story of how your wedding day plays out, being very precise in my selection so that you have only THE BEST images to reflect on and keep those special memories alive for years to come.

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