Booking Process

Once you have made an initial enquiry for your wedding and your date is confirmed as being available you will be sent an estimate form with a breakdown of suitable packages for your wedding. Once you have emailed back to confirm which package you would like to proceed with then you have verbally agreed to assign me the role of your wedding photographer. Following this an invoice for the deposit will be issued along with a receipt upon payment. Again, once your balance is due you will be issued with a second invoice and receipt as proof of payment. If at any time after requesting me to be your photographer you change your mind there will be a cancellation fee of £250.00 as this date would have been booked out for you and other jobs may be turned away to accommodate your wedding.

Booking Fee

A non refundable booking retaining fee will be required with the return of the signed contract. Jonathan Flint Photography is not booked until both are received. The booking fee will then be deducted from the chosen digital collection. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash. Please make cheques payable to Jonathan Flint Photography. If another party should request the same day, then you will be notified and your date will be held for no longer than 24 hours, for you to make a deposit and return the booking form. Any cheques paid will need to have cleared to secure your date. You will receive an electronic receipt of payment within 6 hours.

Change of Date

Should you need to change you date for any reason as long as you let me know as soon as you can and I m free on your new date I will gladly accommodate your new dates. If however your new date is further than 12 months in the future then I will have to add a fee of £75.00 to your final balance for the date change as to cover any price increases for the following years work.

Balance Payment

The cleared outstanding balance is due the 1st day of the previous month to the wedding. A reminder will be sent out 7 days prior to it being due. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cash.  Once this has been received you will receive an electronic receipt within 6 hours stating the balance has been paid.


Full payment for albums is due at the time or ordering the album. Once this has been received you will receive an electronic receipt within 6 hours stating the balance has been paid.

Most couples order their wedding album after the wedding date when they have chosen their favourite images.


The booking fee is non-refundable or transferable in the event of cancellation. Cancellations less than 6 weeks before the date of the wedding will require payment in full. All cancellations must be in writing and not made via any form of social media or email. If a wedding is cancelled and you forget to inform me of this and still turn up then you will be billed for the full amount including travel expenses. There will be an administration charge of £150.00 for any cancellations once the booking forms have been returned to allow for the time which has already been spent with you as a client.


As weddings can be a long day food will be required for the photographer (and second photographer if you have booked and paid for one). Most venues offer a supplier hot main meal, or the option to order from the bar menu, so you don’t need to pay out for 3 courses. Alternatively please advise us if you wish for us to supply our own meal, and packed lunch can be supplied.


In the unlikely event that Jonathan Flint is unable to attend or complete the coverage due to unforeseen circumstances: he reserves the right to appoint another photographer of adequate skill and style to attend on his behalf to undertake the photography. If Jonathan Flint photography has to cancel this contract for any reasons beyond their control (death, injury ,sickness) their liability shall be limited to a refund of all monies paid.


In the event of death to Jonathan Flint, a colleague will have all the details to access your information regarding your day and all the information required to deal with the situation. You will firstly be offered a replacement photographer of similar style and standard or secondly a full refund to the amount paid, inclusive of deposit.  Please if you are informed of my death, although this may cause you catastrophic wedding planning issues, my wife and family will have also lost me so both parties please be respectful of the event that may have happened. I hope that I will never have to use this trigger in my contract but I need to be prepared after the horrible events that are now happening around the world in Paris, Manchester and London.

Copyright and image use

The copyright Designs and Patents Acts1988 means that the copyright of the photographs is retained by Jonathan Flint Photography. You are granted a licence to use your digital copies for personal use, this includes making your own prints or albums and sharing on social media. The images are not permitted to be used for financial gain. If you use the images to give to suppliers you must also let us know where they are being used to track the copyright of our images.

GDPR regulations

The data you supply as part of your booking form will be held securely at Jonathan Flint Photography, as part of your booking form only and no other marketing ploys or post wedding spamming. The data will be held for a maximum of 12 months (until the tax year is complete) and once this is finished for the year you can opt to have your data removed by ticking the box below. As you have a large number of guests in attendance at your wedding and it would be impossible for me to get everyone there to sign a form allowing me to use the images from the day for marketing the business I would ask that you as the couple holding the wedding send a group email or a note in the invites to make them aware they may be part of your images used to advertise from your wedding. By signing this document and ticking both tick boxes to say you have understood this and passed it onto your guests you are Agreeing to the terms for the GDPR regulations on behalf of your guests.

Model Release

You give Jonathan flint Photography permission to use or display any images created as part of this contract to promote his business in any way, including: advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, blogs, social media, sample albums, portfolios etc.

Creative Licence

Jonathan shall be given full artistic licence in relation to the photography and finished look of the photos, in fitting with his current portfolio. If you have any special requests Jonathan Flint will do his best to include them, but he cannot make guarantees that every photo requested will be taken. This may be due to many factors such as weather conditions, lighting conditions, restrictions during the ceremony by registrars etc, the co-operation of subjects photographed and time constraints. All images as per described shall be photographed in landscape format rather than portrait this is down to Jonathan Flints ability to frame and compose in a creative manner whilst maintaining a frame format for consistency.

Sharing of images with Other Suppliers 
Sharing is always good, however I do like it to be done correctly and everyone involved have the correct credits for their hard work. If you could PLEASE REFRAIN from sharing your images with other suppliers and give them my details then I can make sure that everyones needs are met as a creative team.

Limitation of Liability

In the unlikely event of total photographic failure or cancellation of this contract by either party or in any other circumstances, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contract. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential loss.

Thank you for choosing Jonathan flint photography to be part of your wedding day.

I have read and fully understood the terms of agreement of this contract. I agree that cancellation rates apply in case of any cancellation by me (the Client).