WOW!!! What a day – Amy & Ollie found me through a referral so I know that I needed to keep up the good work for them. Amy a divorce lawyer from the big city and Ollie an online cloud building genius were two very cool and happy individuals. Having found their ideal wedding venue in Trinity Buoy Wharf by the quirkiness and industrial look it offers combined with the stunning views and outdoor space over the rive Thames, I was looking forward to putting my stamp on the way that it could be seen and captured.

The day was super sunny and very happy full of free flowing champagne starting at Amy’s London flat, whist hair and make up was taking place. Beer and breakfast was the order of the day for the boys at the infamous ‘Fat boys’ diner at the venue which had appeared in some very iconic movie scenes. As the day started to gain momentum Amy was becoming more excited and could not wait to arrive at Trinity Buoy Wharf to see her groom. Upon arrival, Ollie could not keep him emotions under control and emotions took over for the first sight of his bride walking towards him with her  father. The very atmospheric ceremony was followed by canapés, and more champagne until dinner was ready to be served.

The speeches were delightful, warming and heartfelt with everyone apprising the kind words which were being spoken by everyone involved.  More tears of joy and also barrels of laughs were what kept this evening flowing. Following the wedding reception Expresso Martinis for after dinner drinks all served up with 4 kilos of cheese for the evening Buffett.

Doesn’t mean you cant be the loudest