Just how much does a wedding photographer cost? Hundreds? Thousands? A percentage of your wedding budget?

A wedding photographer is the only person to be invited to your wedding who you hardly know… Having met with them a few times before the wedding you choose to put all of your trust into him/her to capture all of the memories from you most amazing wedding day!

So just how much should you value your photographer? I strongly believe that booking a photographer should be an easy task but finding the one you want to book should be just as easy. Book someone who creates stunning imagery which resinates with your ideas and what type of images you want to be able to remember your day. If you’re into a creative approach then when you see images from a creative photographer you will picture yourself in the pictures that you are shown. Like wise if your looking for a more traditional approach when you find a photographer who’s images you love they should be one of the people you inquire with.

Regardless of the price of the quote that comes back to you from the photographers you ask, make sure you follow up with the photographers with the images that you absolutely ADORE! Money is only a figure but the images you receive last generations.

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So should you spend a small amount of money on your photographer or a large amount. It is entirely up to you and what you wish to spend. Some amazing photographers run offers at particular times of the year to promote themselves – if you can get one of these then that’s ace. Some photographers sell everything individually so you can customise your whole package… sometimes this works better for a particulate time of the wedding, a late afternoon perhaps, 4:00pm ceremony – you may only want a few hours covering allowing you to spend less money.  Photographers also travel – ALOT – so hiring a photographer from another area may be an advantage if you love their work and charge slightly less – even with the travel on top? Never be afraid if you’re hiring a photographer from Leicester even if your wedding is in London, Scotland, Wales or even over seas.

When trying to figure out your budget to allow for a wedding photographer, remember that this is one of the few things that you actually have to keep after the day is complete. When all the food is eaten, the drinks are drank, the party has been smashed and the ceremony has been taken, one of the few things you have to remember your day by is the photography. So I would seriously advise spending as much as you feel comfortable with, whist finding an incredible photographer with a style that you adore to share your day with you.

‘You can’t engineer a relationship’

– Maeve Wiley