- Decide on a style of photography


Photography styles can vary drastically, and you may not be aware of what it is exactly that you are looking for? Many people these days like the more relaxed, documentary/ storytelling style of photography for their day, whist others prefer to have a contemporary classical look to their images with group shots and conventional styled portraits. If you know that you want to have a photographer but not have him seen, then the creative/documenting approach will be for you. If you would rather be told where and how to stand then maybe the classical look is for you!

- Find the right pro

When you’re looking for your photographer, simply look for the images that you love! Follow them on Instagram and research their website and request to see FULL WEDDING COLLECTIONS. This way you can gauge if the images that you see on their web site is consistent to the way that the images are shot throughout the day. We as photographers are all guilty of it – putting our ‘hero’ shots on the website to showcase our best work. 

Make sure that you also click with your photographer well and you both have a clear idea of what you as the bride and groom want and that your photographer can deliver to your expectations. You will want to leave your photographer after the wedding with him being more of a friend than your ‘wedding photographer’.


- Get used to being in front of the camera

There are many different effective ways for you to become very used to being in front of the camera prior to the wedding such as a pre-wedding photoshoot, which is were you can go out with your chosen photographer to have a few hours getting to know them better and building that relationship that you will have by the time of the wedding. Here you will be able to view the images from this session and be confident and ideally more comfortable in front of the camera in time for your wedding day. Seeing the results will ultimately let you work the camera better on the day that counts. 



- Get the best shots on the day

To get the best shots on the day I can only advise to be relaxed go with your photographer and any suggestions that they may suggest. As they go to many wedding they may be able to suggest many different ways of how to get the best from the venue and the people on the day. This way you can go ahead and enjoy your day and not worry about getting the best photographs as you would have the faith in your photographer to get the best shots and wow you with the results when the final collection is delivered.



- Choose the must-have pics

The ‘must-have’ pictures should always be talked about – not set in stone as you may put ideas down for pictures which simply will not happen on the day due to unseen reasons. The weather is normally the one element that can allow or deny a few ‘must-have’ pics being able to go out side for groups or for sparkler exits or couple shots can easily be ruined by rain. I would always advise to make a note of the must-have people captured so that they can be done at any time and at any point. Weddings can run late and again this can affect timings for photography ‘lists’. Keeping it simple and trusting your photographer and their skill and knowledge should be one of the reasons you booked with them. 


- Use the images after the day


Wedding photographs should never be forgotten about. I always encourage my clients to have their images printed and on display after the wedding. Albums are great for this and also using print sales after the wedding is a great way to encourage people to remember their special day for years to come after the wedding.  Social sharing is also a great way to share the images with your friends and family but I always send my clients a link to a gallery which includes a 50% discount on all prints to again reinforce the elements of printing being so important. I also remind clients how quickly technology develops – from the floppy disk to the DVD and then the USB, how long until USBs are not a tangible product leaving prints to be the one thing that will never go out of fashion.