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Wedding photography is very personal for some people and everybody has particular ideas and requirements for their finished wedding collection. Most of the clients that I attract love to emotional connection to the images I can portray rather than a selection of images where are just capturing what is happening. I tell stories with the story of the wedding which everybody loves! Other clients on the other hand value more the group shots and will book to have between 10-15 separate groups which is fine and this is how they wish for their day to play out.

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I particularly enjoy the weddings where everything is captured more documentary and in the moment, so that I can go and do what I do best - blend in and capture images for my clients which they never even dreamed of as their wedding will never be the same as any other.

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As the world has now moved forward and we consistently push for new means of delivery the most future proof and secure way of delivering your images to you is via an online gallery. Imagine if you were married 5 years ago and had received your images on a CD/DVD - today as technology has evolved you wouldn’t be able to view the images on a new computer so in order to forward think about where we may be heading I don’t think USBs will be around for much longer.

Online is always going to be available. This is why I choose to deliver galleries this way for my clients and have long - extendable online galleries for them to download from.

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